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The Feeling of God's Presence!
posted by: on 10/29/2016

While attending the Women's Spiritual Retreat, I felt the presence of God upon my arrival. From the time I got out of the car, walk on the grounds, I was greeted with genuine expressions of "Welcome!" God is doing something very special in this ministry. All I can say is, thank you God for Faith Community Church!
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Greetings and Bibles Request
posted by: Benard A Michieka on 10/2/2016

Greetings from Kenya Pastor DARRYL. Hopefully you are doing okay in the name of Jesus Christ. We're happy and blessed to visit your nice Church website. Kindly pray for us and if possible help our people to get some Bibles. Our people are thirsty for the word of God but unfortunately we are lacking spiritual resources like Bibles. Blessings and Prayers! Benard Michieka
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How I Am Sure I Am A Christian
posted by: on 8/14/2016

Perhaps the most profound for me was hearing how not to conform to the patterns of this world. As a Christian, I have a better understanding how to live a Christ-centered life in a world that is self-centered! We live in a "selfie" generation. Great teaching Pastor Jenkins
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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 7/21/2016

Please Pray...I'm 44 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 21 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
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Itasca Fest: Thank You!!
posted by: on 7/18/2016

Hey there friends, we had a great time at Itasca Fest again this year Sunday, July 17th at 2pm at the main stage (under the tent). We were joined by the Pullman Jazz Society​, Tina J Crawley​, #FaithCommunityChurch and many of our friends!! Special thanks to our friends Judson University​, JudsonU International Students​, Faithcc Church-Itasca​, and Itasca Lions Club​ for their support!!!l Lots of fun and a great time to hear Gospel Music and Jazz and a great choir... Thanks for being there!!!
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posted by: Rev. Karen Love on 7/5/2016

Praise Report: I truly love your church family. God has truly blessed the Faith Family with such beautiful, and talented individuals. It's amazing to watch God in action at Faith. Continue to climb higher and higher in Jesus!
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Prayer request
posted by: Anitrea Sayles on 4/5/2016

Please pray for my professor Dr. David H. Campbell and his family. His beloved son Matthew (age 20) passed away on March 24th. I do not have the details but GOD knows. Please keep him and his family lifted during his most difficult time. Thank you prayer warriors!
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ALIVE and Living an Abundant Life
posted by: Diane Johnson on 10/15/2015

After 9 months of reflecting on the Word, as it relates to healthy living, the 5 participating churches came together to celebrate. Family & friends shared in the culmination of our successful completion of the project. The celebration was a glorious time in the Lord, full of songs & music of thanksgiving & praise. The ceremony was even attended by the CEO of Rush University Medical Center. The accomplishments of the Alive Project further validate doing the right thing for the right reasons, when our actions and reasons are grounded in the Word of God. Please direct your family & friends to the ALIVE website so that they can be further enlightened and blessed.
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Faith Community Church
posted by: Star on 4/3/2015

Thanks to the teachings of Pastor Dr. Darryl T. Jenkins and his lovely wife First Lady LaDawne I am able to truly understand the bible. I know that through Discipleship class, Sunday School, and Tuesday Bible Study I am passing my academic classes in college. They have taught me discipline and that it is okay to be on fire for the Lord even academically! I have their teaching so imbedded in me that I don't even have to study for my exams. Because they taught me to stay in the Word and the history of the Word I am able to walk away from each test with an A! I am so grateful for them and my church family! They are a blessing!
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Community Prayer Breakfast
posted by: Marilyn Kane on 2/25/2015

Dear Pastor Jenkins, Thank you for inviting us. It was a wonderful community event and an honor to attend. Your breakfast was spectacular, and the room looked so lovely. Sharing in prayer is the best! Blessings, Marilyn Kane St. Matthew Church
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