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Worship Service
posted by: Eddy Lal on 2/23/2015

The worship was very up lifting and the music and dances were great. You have some very talented and dedicated people in the group. Thanks for sharing your ministry with us.
I will pray 59 people are praying.
Sunday Feb.22: Faith Community Church
posted by: Donald Farrell on 2/23/2015

Go tell somebody... I was privileged to sing in the joint choirs of Faith Community Church, Bethany Methodist Church, and the Wheaton College. Joyous praise, dance teams representing different generations, gifted musicians, award winning college choir with unified church choirs and ministers of the Lord bringing a biblical word all joined in one powerful accord joyfully praising the One and only God. Tears of joy fell. Upraised hands worshiped. Dance flowed. "Powerful" singing wanted to never end. Parents were seen whispering to their children. They must have been saying "its ok to raise your hands in worship. It is ok to dance before the Lord." The Holy Spirit led worship - oh my. what joy! I think we tasted heaven! New friendships were firmly established during fellowship afterwords. Thank you hospitality team. Your service is deeply appreciated.
Amen! 20 people are praising.
Voices of the Lord-Visit from Wheaton College
posted by: Nayla on 2/23/2015

Hello my name is Nayla. On Sunday February 22, Wheaton college joined us, along with Bethany United Methodist to praise and worship God. I had such a great time and I want to thank Pastor and First Lady LaDawne for inviting Wheaton College Gospel Choir to our church. I loved dancing before everybody and dancing before God. The food was great and also so where the voices of the students. During fellowship, my friends and I got to meet some students from the choir. I met two girls, Tuesday and Sammy. The director did a fabulous job on directing the songs. I hope we can have another day like that again.
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Wheaton && FaithCC
posted by: Jackie (: on 2/23/2015

Yesterday was awesomeeeeee! I had so much fun at the two services combined with Bethany, my home church: Fath CC, and Wheaton Gospel Choir. I'm also very happy that Pastor J picked Jameel and I to present on behalf of the Youth Ministry. I had an AMAZING time dancing at the second service with the Youth Praise Dance Ministry to "When The Spirit Of the Lord." I really thank Pastor and First Lady LaDawne Jenkins for inviting Wheaton Gospel Choir to fellowship with us, I had amazing time talking and socializing with the college students. Cant wait till the next time! P.S. The food was amazing!!!! (: (:
Amen! 44 people are praising.
Faith Community Church Gospel and Sacred Music Celebration featuring Wheaton Gospel Choir
posted by: Star on 2/23/2015

Yesterday was such a beautiful blessing! It was a wonderful experience to hear the Wheaton Gospel Choir sing. The combined choirs made a great worship experience. The liturgical dance was amazing! Seeing God being worshipped from generation to generation was beautiful! From the stage to the pew I believe everyone got something out of the service! I enjoyed the fellowship that followed with good food and great people. It felt more like being with family on a holiday or Sunday dinner. I truly hope that we could have the choir come back and bless us sometime soon!
Amen! 34 people are praising.
Worship Service with Betheny and Wheaton Choir
posted by: Annie Farrell on 2/23/2015

This entire experience is still resonating in my spirit! I did not know what to expect as I had never witnessed the Wheaton Choir, but I sat toward the back of the church and enjoyed the "panoramic view" of the people in the pews from so many different places, and the choir enjoying themselves with all of us and our choir, and the joy of our choir as they had so many new voices to sing with, and the raised hands and the tears of joy and the spirit of celebration was something to behold. And then we go downstairs and our faithful and cheerful Hospitality Team is doing their thing so beautifully. Overall, I was marveling at what God is now creating at 400 North Walnut Street, as He brings together people "from every tribe and nation" under one Glorious Experience. Thank you, Pastor and First Lady, and Pastor Sheryl and Worship Leader Tanya, for setting the stage for such an experience as this. The overall feeling from most people was "When are we going to do this again?!?!?! And anyone who was a part of it understands why.
I will pray 33 people are praying.
posted by: Anitrea Sayles on 11/13/2014

Praise be the Father of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ! One week ago I had major surgery because over one month ago I was diagnosed with Angio Sarcoma cancer of the scalp; but today I am home recovering and have not had to take pain medicine today! All of the cancer has been removed! My prayer of faith was for a perfect surgery and a perfect recovery. Thanks to my Perfect GOD, He is answering me!
Amen! 46 people are praising.
Praise report
posted by: Anitrea Sayles on 11/13/2014

Thank you everyone who prayed for me from all across this country. God hears and answers His people for the Word says "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" (James 5:16b) All I can say is that having a relationship with GOD thru Jesus Christ and putting all of your trust in Him by faith is the best decision anyone can ever make! When you trust in GOD and love Him with all of your heart, mind, soul, and being there is nothing He will not do for you that you need. Nothing is too hard for GOD-His POWER is not limited!!! There is no need to worry about ANYTHING when you have faith in GOD. If you don't know Him or do not have a relationship with Him I urge you to seek Him. For GOD says in Jeremiah 29:13, "If you seek me, you will find me. If you seek me with all of your heart." Thank you again my family of Faith! Please know I am likewise praying for you!
Amen! 35 people are praising.
posted by: DeAnna R. Lester on 8/18/2014

Pastor and First Lady Jenkins I am so grateful and thankful that you came to support us last night. You are a treasure to our church family. Your exactly what my dad meant when he said that your hands can't hide your heart. Thanks for showing us the love you have in your heart for Trinity. Have a blessed service today. See you both next week. DeAnna R. Lester
Amen! 39 people are praising.
I Still Do Marriage Conference
posted by: Michael & Diane Johnson on 8/9/2014

Pastor Jenkins, First Lady LaDawne, Diane and I would like to thank all the members of Faith Community Church who volunteered to help out at the conference. It was truly a blessing to see the tremendous support from our membership. Thank you all so very much and may God continue to bless you all real, real good!
Amen! 42 people are praising.
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