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Evanston Youth Praise Dance Concert
posted by: Sydney on 8/4/2014

The praise dance concert was a really good experience to worship through dance with other churches. Thank you to all the people that came to support me and my other dance mates, and even to the people that were not able to make up but for your prayers and encouragement. Also thank you to Pastor and First Lady LaDawne for always being there for our praise dance ministry and all the encouragement.
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"I Still Do" Marriage Conference
posted by: Bob Taylor - Regional Director of I Still Do Marriage Conference on 8/4/2014

Rev. Jenkins, We praise God for putting us in position to come to know you, your lovely wife, and the members of your congregation. Your focus and the commitment to The Word of God is truly impressive and encouraging to us. I can see nothing but growth and success in your marriage ministry. We are excited about what The Lord is about to do through your efforts, and we thank you for letting us be a small part of that excitement. God Bless, Bob Taylor
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Faith Community VBS / Youth Fest 2014
posted by: Anitrea Sayles on 7/17/2014

Thank you everyone who came out to VBS last week and joined us last Friday at Youth Fest 2014 held at North Central College. We had an awesome time in the LORD! It was amazing to see so many Youth respond to GOD's call and give their lives to Jesus Christ! We must continue to support our Youth and encourage them to "Let their light shine"! Matthew 5:14-16.
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Praise to God and the Community
posted by: Rev. Sherrie Lowly on 7/16/2014

A resolution from Pastor and Faith Community was sent to my mother's Church (the church that I grew up in) after the death of my father. The letter of resolution and the Bible verses contained in it, my mother read to me over the phone when we were talking after my father's memorial service. My mom was greatly comforted by the letter and asked me who this is that had sent such a beautiful statement of Faith. Thank you. Praise tonGod for sending you to us.
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Thank you Faith Community Church!
posted by: Pastor Jenkins on 7/16/2014

To the Faith Community Church Family! Thank you all for your support and presence at 1st Baptist Church of Hyde Park! All I can say is WOW!!! To see so many of you in attendance blessed and encouraged my heart. As Pastor Jesse Brown said, "Faith Community Church came and took over a section...:-)" Again, thank you and God bless you. Pastor
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Thank you Pastor & Mrs. LaDawne
posted by: on 7/15/2014

Thank you Pastor and LaDawne for being there for me. You have no idea how much your prayers and presence made me feel.
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Praise The Lord!
posted by: Toye & Kayln on 7/9/2014

Words cannot describe how excited we are for Faith Community Church, Pastor Jenkins and LaDawne! We wish that we could be there sharing in the joy of God's work. FCC keep pressing toward the mark of the high calling! We love you all and we look forward to fellowshiping with you soon.
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Halleluiah and Praise God
posted by: on 7/1/2014

Halleluiah and Praise God who orders the steps of the righteous in faith!
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Praise God for a new beginning
posted by: Lashon & Jayonna Jacks on 7/1/2014

Thank God for challenging our faith through turmoil. We prayed together and stayed together as a community. We weathered the storm and kept pushing forward. The community has grown closer, kept positive, and grown stronger. And I'm really looking forward to what else God has in our path.
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The Power of Prayer
posted by: Cheryl Brownlee on 6/30/2014

Faith Trust Believe
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