About FCC Ministries Resource Center

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As a community of faith, we believe in the Word of God and the importance of providing resources to meet the needs of God's people to live transformed lives in every area of life. FCC Ministries Resource Center is a ministry to help persons grow and develop as followers of Jesus Christ through the quality resources to know God through Jesus Christ, love God, and choose to serve God and fellow neighbors.

The ministry resource center provides Christian learning materials for all ages to include, Bibles, music, church supplies, and in-depth research materials as well as internal forms associated with the ministries of Faith Community Church. 

We want to become your partner for Christian ministry resources to meet your needs with relevant resources at the best possible price that are shipped directly you. Every purchase supports the ministries and working with a team of specialized product and church resource consultants will assist you.

Help is just a phone call away and thank you for supporting the ministries of Faith Community Church!

Hours are:

Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time
Toll free 1-800-409-5346
Customer Service